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Lord Derby Eland, Korrigum, Buffalo, Western Roan Antelope, Hippo Chargement de l'image

Lord Derby Eland, Korrigum, Buffalo, Western Roan Antelope, Hippo

Type : 1x1
Duration : 12 days

Cameroon is a marvelous country for those who wish to hunt big game. We organize safaris from the best hunting area for Western antelopes in all Cameroon. You will be hunting the mighty Lord Derby Eland as well as West African Savannah Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Korrigum (100% success rate on these species) but also Lion, Hippopotamus, Central Kob, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck, Red River Hog…

The Niwa area is situated at 5 hours and a half drive from Ngaoundere bordering the Boubandjida National Park. It is a beautiful area of approximately 200,000 hectares wide. It is formed by a series of plains and hills and covered by a bushy savannah interspersed by three different rivers. This area is characterized by the huge density of animals you will see every day and the fact that it is home to an incredible number of Elands but also to the largest population of Korrigums in all Africa.


Accommodation is provided in comfortable bungalows with en suite facilities.


Hunting season: from January to early-May.


On a 12-day safari, each hunter can harvest 2 animals from the following list A: Giant Eland, Korrigum, Lion, Buffalo, Roan, Hippopotamus, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck / 2 animals from the following list B : Western Hartebeest,  Central Kob, Bohor Reedbuck, Red River Hog, Warthog and 2 animals from the following list C : Oribi, Western Bush Duiker, Red Flanked Duiker, Baboon, Python and Civet cat.

The price of the safari includes:

- Meet and greet plus assistance at Douala and Ngaoundere airports,
- Transfer from Ngaoundere to the hunting area (and back) by car,
- The organizing of your safari with 4x4 vehicles, professional hunters, trackers, porters, skinners,
- Full board accommodation and drinks at the hunting camp.

The price of the safari does not include:

- Any air fair or travel costs to Douala,
- Package for transfers and hotel cost in Douala on arrival (500 € per hunter),
- Domestic flights Douala / Garoua / Douala (300 € in economic class; 450 € in business class),
- Charter plane from Douala to the hunting camp and back (on request),
- Trophy fees (see below),
- Community development tax (15 % on the amount of trophy fees),
- Hunting permit (1 600 € per hunter),
- Dipping fees and veterinary certificates per trophy : skull (30 €); cape (200 €); full mount (300 €),
- Packing and forwarding of trophies to Douala (1 600 € per hunter); shipping fees outside the country not included,
- The rent of a rifle with scope and ammunitions,
- Insurances costs,
- Visa and rifle importation license fees, personal spending money and tips.



Trophy Fees in Euros :

List A :
- Lord Derby Eland: 4 000
- Korrigum: 3 000
- West African Savannah Buffalo: 2 400
- Western Roan Antelope: 2 400
- Lion : 4 000
- Hippopotamus : 2 000
- Sing Sing Waterbuck: 2 000
- Harnessed Bushbuck: 1 500
List B :
- Western Hartebeest: 1 900
- Central Kob : 1 500
- Bohor Reedbuck: 1 500
- Red River Hog : 1 000
- Warthog : 400
List C :
- Oribi: 300
- Western Bush Duiker: 300
- Red Flanked Duiker: 600
- Baboon : 300
- Python : 700
- Civet Cat : 300



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