Central Africa
Cameroon Dwarf Buffalo Special Chargement de l'image

Cameroon Dwarf Buffalo Special

Fauna Safari Club organizes your customized hunt in Cameroon.

The Forest area where we propose “special dwarf buffalo safaris” is situated at 200 kilometers North East from Yaoundé. Hunting is on foot, but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings.

The number of dwarf buffaloes is excellent and the success rate to get this elusive animal very high!

In addition to the Dwarf Buffaloes it is possible to hunt Bongos, Forest Sitatungas, and several species of duikers.

Accommodation is provided in a very comfortable hunting camp with bungalows with en suite facilities.

Best hunting period for dwarf buffalo hunt is from February to May.

From Yaoundé the transfer by car takes only 7 hours with very comfortable vehicle and is included in the price of the safari.

With a Bonus Success Fee it is possible to shoot: Bongo, Forest Sitatunga and Giant Forest Hog.



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